Towards Tokenizing Financial Assets & Regulated Currencies

IBM Innovation Studio & Think Lab Zurich, Switzerland
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The financial industry is currently undergoing a remarkable transformation, marked by the growing trend of tokenizing digital and physical financial assets, including national or commercial bank currencies. While this transformation presents tremendous political and business implications, it encounters technological barriers that hinder progress. These barriers primarily revolve around accomplishing individual and corporate privacy, regulatory compliance, and accountability within an interoperable, transparent, resilient, and high-performing, quantum-ready system.

The core focus of this workshop is to gain a comprehensive understanding of these challenges and the technological advancements available to overcome them. We will begin with an exploration of Regulated Digital Currencies (e.g., tokenized deposits) and extend our discussions to tokenization of securities. To this end, you will hear from domain experts, including representatives Banks, and Consulting teams, who will share their insights. IBM Research will then present how the cutting-edge technology developed by IBM Research can overcome the stated barriers.

Please note that this event is by invitation only.


  • Digitization of Financial Assets: Promises and Challenges

  • Deep dive into IBM Research differentiated assets in the space of tokenization of financial assets and demo

  • CBDCs & Stablecoins: Friends or Enemies? Similarities and Discrepancies.

  • IBM Research will cover important aspects of these systems evolution, including insights for quantum readiness of such systems.

  • Overview of IBM product portfolio of asset custody and cloud services

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