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    Logic Technology

    Designing the next generation of chips to increase performance and improve energy efficiency.

    Logic scaling is the pathway to advance semiconductor technology to smaller components, to increase performance or to improve energy efficiency. We achieve logic scaling through advances in chip technology such as new architectures and new materials, driving breakthroughs in transistor and interconnect technology at the atomic scale. Our materials and architectures move the industry forward, to meet the world’s demand for increasingly powerful and energy efficient chips. For decades, IBM has led the industry in logic scaling technology. We coined the term “Nanosheet” in 2015 and, more recently, unveiled our 2 nanometer node test chip in 2021. From approaching 1 nanometer components to scaling foundational technology, our work in logic technology is accelerating the progress and productivity of the chip industry, in collaboration with a rich ecosystem of partners based in Albany, NY. Learn more about IBM Research Albany

    Our work




    Advanced logic technology at 2nm node

    Platform technology research: innovation and solution creation for leading edge CMOS technology at 2nm node.

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