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    Logic Scaling

    Logic scaling technology is the basis of modern computing. Scientists, engineers, and designers at IBM Research are exploring ways to fabricate chips for next generation production nodes that meet the world’s demand for increasingly powerful and energy efficient computer chips.

    Logic scaling is the pathway to advance semiconductor technology to smaller components, to increase performance or to improve energy efficiency. We achieve logic scaling through advances in chip technology such as new architectures and new materials. The industry is facing challenges in both the supply chain – including the current chip shortage – and the limitations of Moore's Law. Chips are the lifeblood of nearly every technology we use, from cell phones and smart appliances to automobiles, datacenters, servers and critical computing infrastructure that keep our businesses running. Research and development in smaller, more efficient chips is essential to maintaining U.S. leadership in semiconductor technology. One way IBM is helping to meet this demand is through innovative solutions for advancing complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor, or CMOS technology, which continues to serve as the foundation and core engine for today’s computing power. IBM Research’s advanced logic platform technology program is tasked with making technological breakthroughs in transistor technology and interconnect technology, all at the nanometer scale, and even to the atomic scale. This work is done at our Albany lab, located at the Albany Nanotech Complex.Learn more about IBM Research Albany

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