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Two-dimensional pattern formation using graphoepitaxy of PS-b-PMMA block copolymers for advanced FinFET device and circuit fabrication

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Directed self-Assembly (DSA) of lamellar phase block-co-polymers (BCPs) can be used to form nanoscale line-space patterns. However, exploiting the potential of this process for circuit relevant patterning continues to be a major challenge. In this work, we propose a way to impart two-dimensional pattern information in graphoepitaxy-based lamellar phase DSA processes by utilizing the interactions of the BCP with the template pattern. The image formation mechanism is explained through the use of Monte Carlo simulations. Circuit patterns consisting of the active region of Si FinFET transistors, referred to as Si "fins", were fabricated to demonstrate the applicability of this technique to the formation of complex patterns. The quality of the Si fin features produced by this process was validated by demonstrating the first functional DSA-patterned FinFET devices with 29 nm-pitch fins. © 2014 American Chemical Society.