Towards quantum-enabled cell-centric therapeutics

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In recent years, there has been tremendous progress in the development of quantum computing hardware, algorithms and services leading to the expectation that in the near future quantum computers will be capable of performing simulations for natural science applications, operations research, and machine learning at scales mostly inaccessible to classical computers. Whereas the impact of quantum computing has already started to be recognized in fields such as cryptanalysis, natural science simulations, and optimization among others, very little is known about the full potential of quantum computing simulations and machine learning in the realm of healthcare and life science (HCLS). Herein, we discuss the transformational changes we expect from the use of quantum computation for HCLS research, more specifically in the field of cell-centric therapeutics. Moreover, we identify and elaborate open problems in cell engineering, tissue modeling, perturbation modeling, and bio-topology while discussing candidate quantum algorithms for research on these topics and their potential advantages over classical computational approaches.