Sara Capponi


Sara Capponi


IBM Research - Almaden San Jose, CA USA


Sara Capponi is Research Staff Member in the department of Functional Genomics and Cellular Engineering at the IBM Almaden Research Center, where she leads the Cellular Engineering Lab. She is a recognized expert in computational biophysics, with expertise ranging from artificial intelligence to structural and synthetic biology. Her main interest is to understand how natural and artificial biological systems function combining structural biology with physics, mathematics, and computer science.

Dr. Capponi is IBM PI and site director of the Center for Cellular Construction [], an NSF Science and Technology Center that aims at developing an engineering discipline to design cells. Dr. Capponi contributed to studies on macromolecular and cellular systems and to design antivirals and immunotherapies. During her career, she made use of different computational approaches, including molecular dynamics, enhanced sampling techniques, agent-based models, and machine learning methods.

Dr. Capponi contributions have been cited in the IBM Research Blog,, and in the 2022 IBM Research Annual Letter from Dario Gil

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