Meltem Tolunay


Meltem Tolunay


Research Staff Member


IBM Research - Almaden San Jose, CA USA


Dr. Meltem Tolunay is a Research Staff Member in the Quantum Applications group at IBM Research - Almaden. She is currently working on the development of quantum computing algorithms for quantum chemistry applications. She is also interested in the design of machine learning algorithms at the intersection of quantum computing and quantum chemistry.

Dr. Tolunay received a B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Koc University, Istanbul, in 2017. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2022 in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, in collaboration with IBM Research. Dr. Tolunay's graduate research includes the design of near-term quantum algorithms for spin chemistry systems and for combinatorial optimization.


Top collaborators

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Gavin Jones

Research Manager - Quantum Computational Science
Joseph Morrone

Joseph Morrone

Research Staff Member - Healthcare & Life Sciences Research