VLSI Technology 2019
Conference paper

Self-Allancd Gate Contact (SAGC) for CMOS technology scaling beyond 7nm

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We demonstrate a novel self-aligned gate contact (SAGC) scheme with conventional oxide/nitride materials that allows superior process integration for scaling while simplifying the SRAM cross-couple wiring. We show that the key feature to avoid both gate-contact (CB) to source-drain local interconnect (LI) shorts and the LI-contact (CA) to gate shorts is the shape of the LI cap. A trapezoid-shaped oxide (SiO2) LI cap with an appropriate taper angle eliminates shorting between the contacts in the gate and source-drain region. We further demonstrate that this oxide LI cap is fully compatible with Cobalt (Co) metallization with a novel selective tungsten (W) growth process. Additionally, this process enables the SRAM cross-couple (XC) in the same metallization level, eliminating the need for an upper level wiring and greatly simplifying routing in the SRAM cell.