SPIE Advanced Lithography 2021
Conference paper

OCD enhanced: Implementation and validation of spectral interferometry for nanosheet inner spacer indentation

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In this work, the novel enhancement to multichannel scatterometry data collection, Spectral Interferometry, is introduced and discussed. The Spectral Interferometry technology adds unique spectroscopic data by providing absolute phase information. This enhances metrology performance by improving sensitivity to weak target parameters and reducing parameter correlations. Spectral Interferometry enhanced OCD capabilities were demonstrated for one of the most critical and challenging applications of gate-all-around nanosheet device manufacturing: lateral etching of SiGe nanosheet layers to form inner spacer indentations. The inner spacer protects the channel from the source/drain regions during channel release and defines the gate length of the device. Additionally, a methodology is presented, which enables reliable and reproducible manufacturing of reference samples with engineered sheet-specific indent variations at nominal etch processing. Such samples are ideal candidates for evaluating metrology solutions with minimal destructive reference metrology costs. Two strategies, single parameter and sheet-specific indent monitoring are discussed, and it was found that the addition of spectroscopic information acquired by Spectral Interferometry improved both optical metrology solutions. In addition to improving the match to references for single parameter indent monitoring, excellent sheet-specific indent results can be delivered