Microelectronic Engineering

New opportunities for SiGe and Ge channel p-FETs

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A thin body (fully depleted) strained SGOI device structure (FDSGOI), and a strained SiGe channel layer on SOI, were fabricated using scaled high-κ gate dielectrics and metal gate technology. The uniaxial strain effect and corresponding drive current enhancement reported by Irisawa et al. [1] for narrow-width devices was investigated on these structures. Although the strained FDSGOI device structure exhibited reduced off-state leakage compared to thicker body devices, and long-channel drive current enhancement under uniaxial strain, the loss of drive current enhancement at short channel length led to uncompetitive ION-IOFF characteristics. The SiGe on SOI structure showed the highest long-channel drive current enhancement (nearly 3×) in the narrowest devices, and also showed a significant reduction in off-state current. This trend was maintained down to the shortest channel lengths studied here and resulted in ION-IOFF characteristics that were competitive with contemporary uniaxial strained Si channel devices. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.