Nanoscale Accumulated Body Si nMOSFETs

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Narrow- A nd short-channel inversion-mode nMOSFETs with an accumulated body are experimentally demonstrated down to W×L= 17-nm×37-nm scale. Accumulation of holes on the p-type body is achieved by applying a negative bias on an independently controlled p+ polysilicon side-gate structure surrounding the FET body. Affecting the channel from two sides, electrical characteristics of the transistor can be modified, especially the threshold voltage (VT). VT sensitivity to the side-gate bias (Vside) shows a strong dependence on the device width for W<40 nm, exponentially increasing to above 1 V/V for W=17nm. This sensitivity is significantly larger than what is predicted by 3-D Technology Computer Aided Design simulations. The devices exhibit very low leakage, good subthreshold slope, and improved drain-induced barrier lowering with the accumulation of the body.