International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology

Designing multichannel value propositions to enhance value-cocreation phenomenon

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Service Science introduced the abstraction of service systems, which while jointly interacting can cocreate value. The term “cocreation” captures the collaborative nature of value creation. Whilst value, between two or more service entities, is always cocreated, value-cocreation is rarely considered in designing a service even though this is a main design driver that leads to successful construction of Value Propositions1 (VP). The presence of multiple channels (in-person, phone, and web) may give rise to opportunities for enhanced value-cocreation. Still, different channels may lead the beneficiary of the service to interact as a value coproducer, linking value-cocreation to his/her capability to properly perform the service. The authors explore the opportunity to increase the value cocreated in a service process through improved design using multiple channels. The authors develop a method that guides service designers in the construction of more effective multichannel Value Propositions, increasing the opportunities to enhance the cocreation of value. This paper should be of value to both researchers and practitioners looking for new ways to construct effective multichannel Value Propositions.