VLSI Technology 2016
Conference paper

Demonstration of record SiGe transconductance and short-channel current drive in High-Ge-Content SiGe PMOS FinFETs with improved junction and scaled EOT

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We demonstrate high-performance (HP) High-Ge-Content (HGC) SiGe pMOS FinFETs with scaled EOT and improved junction. For the first time, SiGe FinFET EOT scaling down to ∼7Å has been achieved. In addition, improved junction and series resistance has been demonstrated for HGC SiGe, by a proper choice of spacer thickness and interface-layer as well as hot ion-implant (I/I), resulting in significant Ron reduction down to 250 and 200Ω.μm, respectively. We report the highest 'SiGe extrinsic gm' reported to date with gm, LIN=0.5mS/μm and gm, SAT=2.7/2.5mS/μm at VDD=1.0/0.5V, the highest HGC SiGe Ion=0.45mA/μm at fixed HP Ioff =100nA/μm at VDD=0.5V and the highest pMOS FinFET performance reported to date at sub-35nm LG.