RFIC 2015
Conference paper

A 18mW, 3.3dB NF, 60GHz LNA in 32nm SOI CMOS technology with autonomic NF calibration

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A self-healing mmWave SoC integrating an 8052 microcontroller with 12kB of memory, an ADC, a temperature sensor, and a 3-stage cascode 60GHz LNA, implemented in a 32nm SOI CMOS technology exhibits a peak gain of 21dB, an average 3.3dB NF from 53 to 62GHz and 18mW power consumption. An indirect NF sensing algorithm was implemented on the integrated uC, which enables an adaptive biasing algorithm to reduce the 60GHz NF sigma and LNA power consumption by 37 and 40%, respectively, across P,V,T.