Spike Narayan


Spike Narayan




Director, Lab Operations and Senior Location Executive


IBM Research - Almaden San Jose, CA USA


**Director, IBM Research - Almaden

Dr. Narayan is an IBM executive responsible for the operations of the research lab in San Jose, CA and is also the senior Location Executive for the lab. Previously he led the Science and Technology Organization at IBM's Almaden Research Center.  He was responsible for driving both fundamental and applied research in areas that include nanoscale science and engineering, advanced materials discovery and characterization, storage technologies and computational materials science. He was also responsible for emerging technologies in machine learning and machine intelligence.  Dr. Narayan has held several research and management positions in both Almaden and Watson Research Laboratories and has received many awards for his technical contributions. In addition, he is a Master Inventor within IBM Research and has over 50 US Patents to his credit. In addition, Dr. Narayan has contributed to the external engineering community by serving as the general and program chair for the IEEE/IEMT Symposium,  and chaired the DRAM Development Alliance Invention Board. Dr. Narayan earned his Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgy from Indian Institute of Technology, a Master of Science and a PhD in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from Lehigh University.



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