Louis Mandel


Louis Mandel




Research Staff Member


IBM Research - Yorktown Heights Yorktown Heights, NY USA


I am a Research Staff Member at the Watson Research Center. My main research topic is on the design and implementation of programming languages. I am currently working on probabilistic programming.

Since I joined IBM, I have worked on many different projects which includes this following open source projects:

  • ProbZelus: a reactive probabilistic programming language
  • Yaps: programming Stan probabilistic models using python syntax
  • DeepPPL: an extension of Stan with variational inference and neural networks that compiles to Pyro
  • Q*cert: a query compiler written the Coq proof assistant
  • X10: a language for high-performance, high-productivity computing
  • CloudLens: a scripting language to analyze semi-structured textual data
  • wcs-ocaml: a library use the Watson Conversation Service from OCaml

Before joining IBM, I have in particular developed the following languages:

  • ReactiveML: a reactive extension of OCaml
  • Lucy-n: a n-synchronous extension of Lustre