The radiation tolerance of strained Si/SiGe n-MODFETs

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The radiation tolerance of strained SVSiGe n-MODFETs is investigated, using 10 keV X-rays, 63 MeV high energy protons, and 4 MeV low energy protons. The effects of radiation exposure on two major device design parameters (L SD and L G) in T-gate Si/SiGe n-MODFETs devices are examined. A strong dependence on source-drain spacing is observed for both the DC and RF characteristics. A drift-diffusion TCAD framework is used for 2-D device simulations. We believe that the low energy protons damage the SiGe/strained-Si/SiGe lattice, leading to partial strain relaxation. The conduction band-offset (CBO) of the strained SiGe/Si heterqjunction is lowered leading to higher gate current leakage. The presence of radiation-induced bulk traps in the unrelaxed SiGe layers on the device behavior is also investigated. © 2007 IEEE.