Advanced Materials

Templating organosilicate vitrification using unimolecular self-organizing polymers: Evolution of morphology and nanoporosity development with network formation

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A approach to the generation of nanoporous materials using star-shaped amphiphilic copolymers that organize the organosilicate vitrificate into nanostructures was discussed. The amphiphilic copolymers were dissolved in a solution containing methyl silsesquioxane (MSSQ) prepolymer in propylene glycol monomethyl ether, and the resulting solution was spun on a silicon wafer to produce thin films that were cured to 430°C to effect network formation. It was found that a two-phase structure was clearly evident even for the low temperature cure where the MSSQ exists as a prepolymer. The results show that porous morphology was strongly dependent on the arm number, molecular weight of the interior core.