Journal of Applied Physics

Solid phase epitaxy of SrTi O3 on (Ba,Sr) OSi (100): The relationship between oxygen stoichiometry and interface stability

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Key aspects of the growth process of epitaxial SrTi O3 with crystalline interface on silicon are outlined. An important step in this process is the solid phase epitaxy in ultrahigh vacuum of amorphous SrTi O3 on top of a few monolayer thick, low-temperature grown, epitaxial (Ba,Sr) OSi (100) template. Insufficient oxygen supply during the SrTi O3 deposition step causes the formation of amorphous alkaline-earth silicates and Ti Six at the Siepitaxial oxide interface during ultrahigh vacuum annealing. Performing SrTi O3 deposition in excess O2, this interfacial reaction is suppressed, and a metal-insulator-semiconductor capacitance equivalent to 0.5 nm of Si O2 is obtained for a 10 unit cell SrTi O3 1 unit cell (Ba,Sr) Op-Si (100) stack. © 2006 American Institute of Physics.