CHI 2023
Conference paper

Slide4N: Creating Presentation Slides from Computational Notebooks with Human-AI Collaboration

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Data scientists often have to use other presentation tools (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint) to create slides to communicate their analysis obtained using computational notebooks. Much tedious and repetitive work is needed to transfer the routines of notebooks (e.g., code, plots) to the presentable contents on slides (e.g., bullet points, figures). We propose a human-AI collaborative approach and operationalize it within Slide4N, an interactive AI assistant for data scientists to create slides from computational notebooks. Slide4N leverages advanced natural language processing techniques to distill key information from user-selected notebook cells and then renders them in appropriate slide layouts. The tool also provides intuitive interactions that allow further refinement and customization of the generated slides. We evaluated Slide4N with a two-part user study, where participants appreciated this human-AI collaborative approach compared to fully-manual or fully-automatic methods. The results also indicate the usefulness and effectiveness of Slide4N in slide creation tasks from notebooks.