IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits

Single-chip 4 × 500-MBd CMOS transceiver

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A CMOS chip containing four 500-MBd serializer/deserializer pairs has been designed to relieve interconnect congestion in an ATM switch system. The 9.7 × 9.7 mm2 chip fabricated in a 0.8-μm technology is packaged on a ceramic ball grid array and dissipates 3.5 W. It replaces a 72-wire parallel interface with an eight-line serial interface transparent to the user and supports transmission at 1.6 Gb/s per direction in full-duplex mode. Virtually error-free operation in a system environment over electrical serial links having up to 9 dB loss at 500 MHz has been realized using signal predistortion for the serial bit stream and PLL clock recovery for each of the four receivers. Interface timing and serial-link driver strength are programmable.