Advanced Materials

Molecular-controlled fracture and release of templated nanoporous organosilicate thin films

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The effects of creating porosity by using templating particles on the delamination and fracture properties of organosilicate films was investigated. Poly(ethylene glycol) surface-decorated polystyrene particles were dissolved in a propylene glycol methyl ether acetate (PGMEA) and xylene mixture at a concentration of 20.3 wt%. The porogen solution was then mixed with the organosilicate solution in the propylene glycol monoethyl ether at an equivalent concentration in the desired ratios on a weight basis. All formulations were filtered through a 0.2 μm Teflon membrane syringe filter directly onto 100 mm Si substrates, and spin-coated at 3000 rpm for 30 seconds. It was observed that the nature of the porogen selected to generate porosity in organosilicate thin films has a tremendous impact on the fracture energy.