Philosophical Magazine B: Physics of Condensed Matter; Statistical Mechanics, Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties

Microstructure of epitaxial Ag/Si(111) and Ag/Si(100) interfaces

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The Ag/Si(111) and Ag/Si(100) interfaces have been investigated by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. Flat-on-micrographs show that Ag is epitaxial on both Si(111) and Si(100), when deposited at room temperature and then annealed to 400°C. Cross-sectional lattice images show that two types of interface are possible for the Ag/Si(111) interface, one being related to the other by a 180orotation of Ag around the Si[111] axis. By custom, these two orientations are called A and B, with A corresponding to Si(111)//Ag(111) with Si[110]//Ag[110], and B corresponding to Si(111)//Ag(111) with Si[1 14]//Ag[110], As with the Al/Si(111) case, the interface is seen to be partially coherent, with one misfit dislocation every four Ag lattice planes. There is no apparent amorphous or disordered layer at the interface. Lattice images of the Ag/Si(100) interface are also presented, where two epitaxial orientations are observed: Ag(111)//Si(100) with Ag [011]//Si[011], and Ag(100)//Si(100) with Ag[011]//Si[011]. © 1988 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.