Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Magnetic and structural characterization of sputtered FeN multilayer films

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The magnetic and structural properties of ferromagnetic FeN thin films. FeN/FeN (ferromagnetic/paramagnetic) and FeN/SiO2 multilayers deposited in a rotational dc magnetron sputter system were investigated. Monolithic films containing {reversed tilde equals} 2at% N2 had 4πMs, values {reversed tilde equals} 25 kG magnetostriction (λs) has been related to N2 content and film thickness. λs could be varied significantly over a range of compositions where 4πMs was > 22 kG by adjusting thickness and nitrogen. content. Lamination reduced easy- and hard-axis coercivity to < Oe. Lorentz microscopy indicated that the ferromagnetic FeN layers in the FeN/FeN films were exchanged coupled while those in the FeN/SiO2 films were magnetostatically coupled. © 1992.