CUI 2023
Conference paper

Is CUI Design Ready Yet? A Workshop on Community Practices and Gaps in CUI Design & Resource Development

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As CUIs become more prevalent in both academic research and the commercial market, it becomes more essential to design usable and adoptable CUIs. While research has been growing on the methods for designing CUIs for commercial use, there has been little discussion on overall community practice of developing design resources to aid in practical CUI design. The aim of this workshop therefore is to bring the CUI community together to discuss the current practices for developing tools and resources for practical CUI design, the adoption (or non-adoption) of these tools and resources, and how these resources are utilized in the training and education of new CUI designers entering the field. This workshop will bring together all parts of the CUI community to have meaningful discussions on how CUI design resources are currently developed, and how we can improve these resources and tools to aid in their adoption in practical CUI design, and CUI academic & industry design training.