GIoTS 2019
Conference paper

Internet of the body - Wearable monitoring and coaching

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Wearables that acquire relevant vital and contextual parameters improve work safety as well as quality of life of elderly citizens or patients with chronic diseases. A scalable architecture connects wearables via a hub to the cloud and combines edge with cloud computing to provide optimal user interaction and allow analytics on multi-stream data. The functionality was expanded to enable demonstrations of physiological and psychological stress classification in firemen and mobile health interventions in patients with lung diseases. Following an initial table-top edge demonstrator a hemi-spherical display improves emotional contact to users. A first use case tested an integrated acquisition and inference system that was trained to differentiate physical and emotional stress. The system measured stress in firemen during training in a cage maze and in hot training locations and provided functions to acquire expert labels. A second use case focused on mobile-health intervention for patients suffering from Chronic-Obstructive-Pulmonary-Disease (COPD), to improve their quality-of-life. Patient-physician conversations are extended through a communication channel and a virtual assistant provides disease related information, reminders, and alerts.