IMAPS 2014
Conference paper

IMS (injection molded solder) technology with liquid photoresist for ultra fine pitch bumping


IMS (injection molded solder) is an advanced solder bumping technology with solder alloy flexibility even at very fine pitch and small size. One of key materials for successful fine pitch bumping by IMS is a photoresist material. The photoresist material must be stable at high temperature during the IMS process and be perfectly stripped after the IMS process without any residue on the surface of the substrate. In this study, negative tone liquid photoresist materials were prepared to investigate effects of thermal cure of photoresist on IMS process and stripping performance. With appropriate cure conditions, successful bumping without any film damages at IMS process and any residue at stripping was achieved. Fine pitch bumping down to 40 μm pitch with 20 μm diameter was demonstrated with a Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder. Also physical and electrical connections for the solder joints of IMS bumps to Ni/Au pads were confirmed using a 80 μm pitch test vehicle.