ECS Meeting 2008
Conference paper

High-K gate dielectric structures by atomic layer deposition for the 32nm and beyond nodes

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In this paper we will review some of our previous work on ALD deposited high-K dielectric stacks as well as present some of our more recent advances. We have shown that ALD can be used successfully to deposit high quality high-K gate dielectrics of Hf and Zr oxide. In addition, because of the inherent conformality of ALD processes, these dielectrics can be easily migrated to advanced device structures such as FINFETs. We have also been successful in developing ALD processes to deposit rare earth oxides (REOs), such as Y 2O3 and La2O3. These processes are useful in creating layered dielectric structures where the REO functions as a threshold voltage adjustment layer. We use physical and electrical characterization of the films as deposited by ALD, including spectroscopic ellipsometry, corona oxide semiconductor charge measurement, TXRF, AES, angle resolved XPS, HRTEM, AFM, MEIS, and RBS, to provide information on the film growth mechanism and the primary parameters that influence the ALD growth of high-K oxides. We further correlate these findings with basic electrical results obtained from MOSFET and MOSCAP devices fabricated using our ALD processes to understand how process changes affect both the as-deposited films as well as the resulting devices. © The Electrochemical Society.