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FDSOI radiation dosimeters

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We describe the fabrication of radiation dosimeters utilizing fully-depleted silicon-on insulator (FDSOI) substrates, and further demonstrate the detection of various ionizing radiation types including protons, a-particles, and X-rays by the threshold voltage (Vth) changes caused by the radiation-induced charge trapped in the buried oxide. Our FDSOI dosimeter exhibits a sensitivity of 3mV/krad(SiO2) to 1MeV protons and 10mV/krad(SiO2) to 8keV X-rays, respectively. The comparison of FDSOI dosimeter with existing bulk-Si detectors shows comparable sensitivity, with the additional advantage of up to 90 days of BOX charge retention time. Our findings are encouraging and provide innovative implementation of SOI technology in microelectronics radiation dosimetry while maintaining CMOS process compatibility. © 2011 IEEE.