VLSI Technology 2011
Conference paper

Endurance and scaling trends of novel access-devices for multi-layer crosspoint-memory based on mixed-ionic-electronic-conduction (MIEC) materials


We demonstrate compact integrated arrays of BEOL-friendly novel access devices (AD) based on Cu-containing MIEC materials [1-3]. In addition to the high current densities and large ON/OFF ratios needed for Phase Change Memory (PCM), scaled-down ADs also exhibit larger voltage margin Vm, ultra-low leakage (<10pA), and much higher endurance (>108) at high current densities. Using CMP, all-good 5x10 AD arrays with Vm > 1.1V are demonstrated in a simplified CMOS-compatible diode-in-via (DIV) process. © 2011 JSAP (Japan Society of Applied Physi.