Proceedings of SPIE 1989
Conference paper

Electron beam testing and its application to packaging modules for very large scale integrated (vlsi) chip arrays

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Electron Beam techniques, which have been applied for VLSI testing, are also useful for contactless testing of packaging modules. A test system has been developed to detect electrical opens and shorts in multilayer network wiring using specimens of 100 x 100 x 6mm in size. Various physical effects including charging, discharging, secondary electron emission and others allow a complete test to be performed. The contrast mechanism of the detected signal is based on the secondary electron yield vs. the beam potential and will be discussed in detail. Other signal mechanisms were also applied. By coordinating a pulsed electron beam in a vector mode to predetermined network terminals, computer controlled experiments were carried out. Results on the present status of this new testing approach will be presented. © 1982 SPIE.