Nano Letters

Carrier transport in high mobility InAs nanowire junctionless transistors

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The ability to understand and model the performance limits of nanowire transistors is the key to the design of next generation devices. Here, we report studies on high-mobility junctionless gate-all-around nanowire field effect transistor with carrier mobility reaching 2000 cm2/V·s at room temperature. Temperature-dependent transport measurements reveal activated transport at low temperatures due to surface donors, while at room temperature the transport shows a diffusive behavior. From the conductivity data, the extracted value of sound velocity in InAs nanowires is found to be an order less than the bulk. This low sound velocity is attributed to the extended crystal defects that ubiquitously appear in these nanowires. Analyzing the temperature-dependent mobility data, we identify the key scattering mechanisms limiting the carrier transport in these nanowires. Finally, using these scattering models, we perform drift-diffusion based transport simulations of a nanowire field-effect transistor and compare the device performances with experimental measurements. Our device modeling provides insight into performance limits of InAs nanowire transistors and can be used as a predictive methodology for nanowire-based integrated circuits.