An Eight-Lane 7-Gb/s/pin Source Synchronous Single-Ended RX with Equalization and Far-End Crosstalk Cancellation for Backplane Channels

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This paper presents a versatile crosstalk cancellation scheme for single-ended multi-lane backplane links. System-level investigations show that a scheme, which combines analog filters and decision-feedback crosstalk compensation on the receiver (RX) side only, can efficiently remove crosstalk patterns in straight channels as well as boards with reflections due to via stubs. An eight-lane single-ended RX has been manufactured in 32-nm SOI CMOS to validate our findings. A CTLE and eight-tap decision feedback equalizer equalize the channel without transmitter feedforward equalizer. A continuous time crosstalk canceller reduces precursors by nearest neighbors, while the residual postcursors from all aggressors are suppressed by direct feedback 7 × 8 -tap decision-feedback crosstalk canceller (DFXC). Measurements with flip-chip packaged RX show that the RX macro can equalize both a 30-dB insertion loss single-ended channel with 0-dB signal-to-crosstalk at Nyquist and a channel with 28-dB attenuation with the signal-to-crosstalk ratio of 6 dB combined with reflections due to via stubs. The RX operates up to 7 Gb/s/pin with PRBS11 data at bit error rate (BER) <10-12, and occupies 300 × 350 μm2 with an energy efficiency of 5.9 mW/Gb/s from 1-V supply.