IEEE Electron Device Letters

Manufacturable parasitic-aware circuit-level FETs in 65-nm SOI CMOS technology

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This letter reports the statistical analysis of circuit-level FET high-speed performance in 65-nm silicon-on-insulator CMOS technology. Practical performance metrics are derived from full 300-mm wafer measurements. The proposed circuit-level layout wiring parasitics-aware FET reflects realistic FET that is placed in circuits. Its measurement and model are directly applicable to circuit design in conjunction with multiple layers of yield and manufacturability considerations. A stretched gate-pitch NFET design shows an average current gain cutoff frequency fT of 250 GHz, with 7.6% standard deviation, 6.7% mismatch standard deviation, and maximum fT of 307 GHz. The proposed characterization methodology will become more relevant to technologies beyond 65 nm. © 2007 IEEE.