Journal of Applied Physics

A study of process-related electrical defects in SOI lateral bipolar transistors fabricated by ion implantation

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We report a systematic study of process-related electrical defects in symmetric lateral NPN transistors on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) fabricated using ion implantation for all the doped regions. A primary objective of this study is to see if pipe defects (emitter-collector shorts caused by locally enhanced dopant diffusion) are a show stopper for such bipolar technology. Measurements of IC-VCE and Gummel currents in parallel-connected transistor chains as a function of post-fabrication rapid thermal anneal cycles allow several process-related electrical defects to be identified. They include defective emitter-base and collector-base diodes, pipe defects, and defects associated with a dopant-deficient region in an extrinsic base adjacent its intrinsic base. There is no evidence of pipe defects being a major concern in SOI lateral bipolar transistors.