IEDM 2017
Conference paper

A scaled replacement metal gate InGaAs-on-Insulator n-FinFET on Si with record performance

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We demonstrate a scaled replacement-metal-gate InGaAs-on-Insulator n-FinFET on Si with LG = 13 nm and record ION of 249 μA/μm at fixed IOFF = 100 nA/μm and VD = 0.5 V. A subthreshold swing in saturation of 89 mV/dec and a Ron of 355Ω·μm is also achieved. We further investigate the transport mechanisms at play in order to shed light on the contribution from short-channel effects and carrier generation and recombination mechanisms on SS and IOFF, at such a short gate length, using calibrated full 3D and simplified 2D TCAD simulations.