MobiSys 2005
Workshop paper

A rule-based system for sense-and-respond telematics services


We introduce a telematics-oriented event detection service, and programming framework supporting it, that enables application developers to more easily develop applications based on the sense-and-respond model. The system provides a rule-based programming model in which the application is partitioned in two parts: (1) a set of rules that operate on low-level position-update events and which, when triggered, produce high-level, application-defined events; and (2) logic that acts on the high-level events, which is deployed outside the event detection service, and typically within the environment of the enterprise deploying the rule. Programmers represent events of interest in the form of rules, which operate on both input received from the data acquisition systems as well as data resources provided and managed by the application programmers. Programmers declare the inputs the rules require, and the system is responsible for acquiring the inputs. A high-level programming framework assists programmers in defining the set of rules, and the actions that respond to events from the rules, and in deploying the rules to the system.