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A cryogenic SRAM based arbitrary waveform generator in 14 nm for spin qubit control

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Realization of qubit gate sequences require coherent microwave control pulses with programmable amplitude, duration, spacing and phase. We propose an SRAM based arbitrary waveform generator for cryogenic control of spin qubits. We demonstrate in this work, the cryogenic operation of a fully programmable radio frequency arbitrary waveform generator in 14 nm FinFET technology. The waveform sequence from a control processor can be stored in an SRAM memory array, which can be programmed in real time. The waveform pattern is converted to microwave pulses by a source-series-Terminated digital to analog converter. The chip is operational at 4 K, capable of generating an arbitrary envelope shape at the desired carrier frequency. Total power consumption of the AWG is 40-140mW at 4 K, depending upon the baud rate. A wide signal band of 1-17 GHz is measured at 4 K, while multiple qubit control can be achieved using frequency division multiplexing at an average spurious free dynamic range of 40 dB. This work paves the way to optimal qubit control and closed loop feedback control, which is necessary to achieve low latency error mitigation and correction in future quantum computing systems.