A 2.5D integrated voltage regulator using coupled-magnetic-core inductors on silicon interposer

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An integrated voltage regulator (IVR) is presented that uses custom fabricated thin-film magnetic power inductors. The inductors are fabricated on a silicon interposer and integrated with a multi-phase buck converter IC by 2.5D chip stacking. Several inductor design variations have been fabricated and tested. The best performance has been achieved with a set of eight coupled inductors that each occupies 0.245 mm2 and provides 12.5 nH with 270 mΩ DC. With early inductor prototypes, the IVR efficiency for a 1.8 V:1.0 V conversion ratio peaks at 71% with FEOL current density of 10.8 A/mm 2 and inductor current density of 1.53 A/mm2. At maximum load current, 69% conversion efficiency and 1.8 V:1.2 V conversion ratio the FEOL current density reaches 22.6 A/mm2 and inductor current density reaches 3.21 A/mm2. © 1966-2012 IEEE.