ECTC 2008
Conference paper

50μm pitch Pb-free micro-bumps by C4NP technology

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Controlled collapse chip connection new process (C4NP) is currently used in IBM manufacturing for all 300 mm Pb-free wafer bumping for flip chip packages. In this study, the extendibility of C4NP technology to ultra fine pitch applications has been explored. Reusable C4NP glass molds were fabricated and characterized for 50μm pitch application. Mold fill and wafer transfer with Pb-free solders have been demonstrated using both 200mm and 300mm wafers in a manufacturing environment. Significant improvement in bump yield was achieved for these early demonstations of fine pitch interconnections through process optimization and contamination control. Challenge in wafer inspection metrology is discussed for the 50μm pitch micro-bumps. Mechanical strength of the C4NP micro-bumps has been characterized using test dies with a full area array of microbumps. © 2008 IEEE.