ICDH 2023
Short paper

A Versatile Data Fabric for Advanced IoT-Based Remote Health Monitoring

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This paper presents a data-centric and security-focused data fabric designed for digital health applications. With the increasing interest in digital health research, there has been a surge in the volume of Internet of Things (IoT) data derived from smartphones, wearables, and ambient sensors. Managing this vast amount of data, encompassing diverse data types and varying time scales, is crucial. Moreover, compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations is essential. The proposed data fabric comprises an architecture and a toolkit that facilitate the integration of heterogeneous data sources, across different environments, to provide a unified view of the data in dashboards. Furthermore, the data fabric supports the development of reusable and configurable data integration components, which can be shared as open-source or inner-source software. These components are used to generate data pipelines that can be deployed and scheduled to run either in the cloud or on-premises. Additionally, we present the implementation of our data fabric in a home-based telemonitoring research project involving older adults, conducted in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The study showcases the streamlined integration of data collected from various IoT sensors and mobile applications to create a unified view of older adults' health for further analysis and research.