The IBM approach to reliable quantum computing

Quantum Challenges


The IBM Quantum Challenge is a bi-annual global event organized by IBM Quantum, held in the Spring and in the Fall each year. The challenge is designed to provide an opportunity for participants to learn about quantum computing and to develop their skills in programming with Qiskit, which is an open-source software development kit (SDK) for developing quantum computing applications and programs.

The challenge typically involves a series of online exercises that participants must complete within a certain timeframe. These exercises may include tasks such as designing and executing quantum circuits, developing quantum algorithms, and analyzing and interpreting the results of quantum simulations.

Participants can use IBM Quantum's cloud-based quantum computing platform to complete the challenge. The platform provides access to IBM's quantum computers, as well as tools and resources for programming and running quantum circuits.

The IBM Quantum Challenge is open to anyone with an interest in quantum computing, regardless of their level of expertise. It is a great opportunity for students, researchers, and professionals to gain practical experience in this emerging field and to connect with others in the quantum community.