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    IBM Research – Tokyo

    IBM Research - Tokyo was established in 1982 as IBM’s fourth research laboratory and the organization’s first in Asia. Located in Toyko and Shin-Kawasaki, the lab led pioneering research in accessibility, microdevices, system software, embedded systems, security and privacy, and more. The lab is currently investigating new applications for foundation models and LLMs, while also leading efforts in digital health and AI-aided accessibility technologies, hybrid cloud infrastructure for AI and secure computation, quantum computing, and semiconductors.

    Meet the team

    We are a growing team of researchers, scientists, engineers, and designers pioneering scientific breakthroughs. Our work advances artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud, quantum computing, semiconductors, and scientific discovery.
    Tamiya Onodera
    Distinguished Engineer, Deputy Director of Research - Tokyo
    Mori Ohara
    Deputy Director, IBM Research Tokyo, Distinguished Engineer, Chief SW Engineer for Hybrid Cloud on IBM HW
    Gakuto Kurata
    Distinguished Engineer and Chief Scientist for Spoken Conversational Systems
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    11 IBM_AI_SplitScreen_v08_06.jpg

    Analog AI

    Making Deep Neural Network systems more capable and energy-efficient.

    AI Suitcase

    Helping visually-impaired users to independently walk around and self-navigate
    Image of a wafer

    Silicon Bridge Chiplet Integration

    Developing a new chiplet integration technology using silicon bridge for advanced semiconductor packaging.

    Behavioral Analysis for Alzheimer's Disease

    Multiple digital health-related applications for Alzheimer's disease using behavioral sensor data

    Location details


    NANOBIC 7-7 Shin-Kawasaki
    Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki
    212-0032 Japan

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