Wojciech Ozga


Wojciech Ozga


Security Researcher


IBM Research Europe - Zurich Zurich, Switzerland


Security systems architect (Dr.-Ing.) with system engineering skills.

I design and develop technologies in the area of confidential computing, attestation, secure/trusted boot, and hardware security modules. I believe RISC-V and Rust will become the mainstream technologies for assembling high-assurance security systems.

I am an architect of several security-oriented system designs, a member of the RISC-V community, and an author of multiple scientific publications and standards. I possess a wide range of technical skills; for example:

  • I designed and built an extension of the RISC-V processor that intrinsically enforces the computer's secure boot process,
  • I co-designed and implemented the ACE's security monitor for RISC-V,
  • I implemented Linux kernel drivers transparently exposing network-attached TPMs, virtualized secure elements using trusted execution environments, and developed micro-services and database-backed enterprise systems.

In my career, I worked on a wide range of projects, executing multiple research projects in the domain of confidential computing, converting CERN's computing farm into the cloud, coordinating the tourism-oriented e-commerce development, and leading the development of Volkswagen's ConectedVan fleet monitoring system.