Will Trojak


Will Trojak




Research Scientist


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Daresbury, England


My passion is developing methods for scale resolving simulations of flows, mainly for climate and aerospace applications. These simulations typically require huge computational resources; however, my focus has been on the field of finite element methods, which allow for much more efficient use of powerful GPU computer hardware. I’m a strong advocate for open-source software, and I’m a developer and maintainer for the open-source PyFR project.

I received my PhD and M.Eng from the University of Cambridge, where I specialised in aeronautical engineering. After completing my PhD, I moved to Texas A&M and worked with Prof. Antony Jameson and Prof. Freddie Witherden on technologies to accelerate incompressible flow simulations and shock capturing methods. After two years in Texas, I returned to the UK to work with Prof. Peter Vincent at Imperial College London where I developed a theoretical stability framework for simulation methods on a grid of arbitrary polygons and polyhedral. I then joined IBM in July 2022.




Discovering physics extremes with computing

Mathematics and algorithms for identifying configurations of complex physical systems exhibiting unique, anomalous properties.

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