Sandeep Gopisetty


Sandeep Gopisetty


Director & Distinguished Engineer, Enterprise Data & Governance for AI Models


IBM Research - Almaden San Jose, CA USA


Sandeep Gopisetty is an IBM Researcher obsessed with impact developing very large-scale software solutions for IBM. He is one of very few to have made multi-billion- dollar impact across various IBM business units.

Sandeep has a passion for nurturing high performance, global, multidisciplinary teams to bring innovation from Research to the market in collaboration with product groups, services, customers, and universities. As an IBM Research Executive, he has developed a shared vision across organization to drive change through the novel use of technology to improve organizational transformation, performance, and profitability.

Sandeep is currently creating differentiated cognitive services enhancing core AI/Cloud platforms and cognitive applications. He is a hands-on technologist with focus on grounds-up innovation with expertise that includes AI technologies, infrastructure design, management and optimization with income and expense management. His responsibilities include IBM Business Service developers, designers, and designing, managing, measuring, and enabling IBM Research innovators working with clients on real-world problems along with consultants to create and harden reusable, differentiated assets that will be deployed at scale.

In addition, Sandeep manages a highly talented group of research staff members and senior software engineers across multiple sites pioneering innovations to revolutionize solutions, IT Service and system is design, develop, deploy and operate in the new business and computing paradigms. Previously, as an IBM Research Distinguished Engineer, led the infrastructure-as-a-service platform for IBM Cloud and was responsible for over a billion dollars of savings in labor costs. Recognized as Distinguished Engineer for re-inventing storage management software. Expertise in consumer appliances, video coding systems and optical character recognition.



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