CogMI 2020
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Global Pandemic: Business Model Impact on Enterprises reTHINK, reIMAGINE, reINVENT Businesses

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The COVID-19 outbreak is a sharp reminder that pandemics, like other rarely occurring catastrophes, have happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. Even if we cannot prevent dangerous catastrophes, businesses need to manage risks, reduce costs, improve efficiency while digitizing products and offerings, streamlining processes to retain existing customers. As industry leaders around the globe are driving their teams forward from their attics, basements and spare rooms, the need for business continuity is vital more than ever. It is important for Enterprises to have the right tools, technology and skills to deal with this crisis. One can make use of expert advice through consulting services to understand the level of preparedness and to respond quickly with what needs to be done. It is time to quickly move beyond manual, people-dependent processes and switch to automation and orchestration to reduce the complexity. Our solution takes advantage of modeling in over 80 different types of industries and addresses both industry standard as well as custom priorities to help enterprises focus on the right investment to improve the performance of their business components.


01 Oct 2020


CogMI 2020