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Ron Fagin


IBM Fellow


IBM Research - Almaden Almaden, CA USA


Some recent articles and information:

Ken Clarkson, Ryan Williams and I gave a talk on August 26, 2010 about the P vs. NP problem and a recent, well-publicized attempted proof that P does not equal NP.

My tribute to Ted Codd that I gave when I won the 2004 SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovations Award

My tribute to my thesis advisor Robert L. Vaught that I gave at his Memorial Service in Berkeley, June 2, 2002

In addition to Robert Vaught, I would like to honor two other great teachers of mathematical logic, who inspired me deeply: Donald Kreider at Dartmouth College, who passed away Dec. 7, 2006, and Herbert Enderton at UC Berkeley, who passed away Oct. 20, 2010. Please see the [Acknowledgements]( of PhD thesis.pdf) of my Ph.D. thesis, where I remark on their profound influences on my career.

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Research Interests

  • Applications of logic to computer science
  • Database theory
  • Finite model theory
  • Rank and score aggregation
  • Reasoning about knowledge


Reasoning about Knowledge.
Authors R. Fagin, J.Y. Halpern, Y. Moses and M.Y. Vardi
Published by MIT Press, 1995. Paperback edition, 2003.


Click here for a complete collection of my papers, all in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, and organized into (overlapping) categories.





Imprecise Probabilistic Logic

Developing a general knowledge representation framework to facilitate effective reasoning over multiple sources of imprecise knowledge.