Robert Manson-Sawko


Robert Manson-Sawko




Senior Research Scientist


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Daresbury, England


I am a Senior Research Scientist at IBM Research Europe based at Daresbury Laboratory. I received my PhD from Cranfield University in applied mathematics and have subsequently worked in several engineering fields including oil and gas, renewable energy and fatigue analysis.

At IBM my main research area is high-end computing for industrial and societal problems. I strongly identify with the goal of inventing what's next in computing and the urgency of the scientific method. The major part of my work is computational fluid dynamics, but I have also worked on epidemiological models as part of our COVID19 response and have developed expertise in large-scale data analytics. I am an expert user of high-performance computing (HPC) and have lead and supported innovation in convergence areas between HPC and cloud computing.

My scientific interests are effective computational methods, reduced-order models and multiphase flow, particularly dispersion in chemical engineering applications such as mixing or separation. Having applied mathematics background I have also retained a connection to other fields including optimization, statistics and uncertainty quantification. I enjoy reading and discussing history of science as well as epistemology.



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