Malgorzata Zimon


Malgorzata Zimon


Senior Research Scientist, Senior Inventor


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Daresbury, England


Malgorzata completed her PhD study in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, jointly with STFC Daresbury Laboratory in England. Soon after obtaining her degree, she received an award allowing her to continue independent research at the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering in Manchester. After a year of working at the University of Manchester, she joined the newly established IBM Research group at Daresbury Laboratory. Malgorzata is now a Senior Research Scientist at IBM Research Europe and an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Manchester, School of Mathematics. Her interests involve numerical analysis, performing uncertainty quantification, deep learning in the framework of computational multi-scale/multi-physics modelling.



Top collaborators

Sergiy Zhuk

Sergiy Zhuk

Senior Research Scientist and Manager, Optimization & Quantum Computing