Kate Marshall


Kate Marshall


Research Staff Member, Global Technical Ambassador Lead IBM Quantum


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Daresbury, England


Kate is a research scientist, software engineer and the Global Technical Ambassador Lead for IBM Quantum. Kate studied an MSci Physics with Policy Communication and Ethics of Science at UCL. Whilst at university, Kate completed two internships at TU Berlin and Universität Zürich in particle physics experiments - specifically dark matter and neutrino detection experiments. Following this, Kate started at IBM through the consulting technology graduate scheme, where she worked as a software developer and DevOps engineer for three years. More recently, Kate joined IBM Quantum as a software engineer in the Qiskit Runtime API team. In this role, Kate led the architecture community efforts for IBM Quantum software, implemented various new pieces of functionality in Qiskit Runtime and IBM Cloud, and supported the performance chapter in their work for demonstrating best-in-class circuit layers operation per second metrics. Kate also recently completed another Masters-level qualification, while studying part-time, in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence from the University of London. In addition, Kate leads a global team working directly with clients to help them understand the industry impact of quantum computing. Outside of IBM Quantum, she is a member of the TechUK and British Computing Society (BCS) Quantum Working Groups, a Fellow of the British Computing Society and Institute of Engineering Technologies, and leads the Global Tech Advocates Quantum Working Group. Kate is particularly passionate about hybrid quantum-classical computing and how both technologies will work hand-in-hand in future high performance and supercomputing environments.